36. Testing UV-C Lights
35. UVMED-1
34. Steril-Aire
33. How UVC can fight the Corona Virus - CNBC
32. Corona Oven for disinection of personal items - Quint
31. Baby products UV sanitizer
30. Sanitizer wand (unscientific)
29. Personal handheld (unscientific) UV sanitizer
28. Time Lapse video fo color change in UVC dosimeters
27. Demonstration of color-change in chemical based UVC dosimeters
26. Introduction to Chemical UVC Dosimeters
25. Linked smart systems for Whole Room Disinfection
24. Cheap Disinfection Device - Exposure hazard to Eyes and Skin
23. 10 simple non-scientific handheld UV Light Sanitizers 2019
22. Cleaning with UVC light - Hospitals, homes, cars and electronics
21. Household moulds and mildew killer
20. Automated UVGI based surface disinfection robot
19. Customer Endoresement - 99% disinfection in 20 mins + UCF Tampa study + Reflective energy
18. UVC Contactless sanitization from Coronavirus - Emery University Atlanta & University College London
17. Complimentary technology and Automatic dosage Calculation - Fox News
16. New technology to shut down on Hospital Acqiured Infections (HAIs)
15. 30% reduction of top 4 pathogens over and above chemical cleaning - Duke Health
14. UVC disinfection in Airplanes
13. Cure-UV-FAQs-and-COVID-19
12. Ebola virus zapping robot - CNBC
11. Stopping the flu in its tracks - Columbia University
10. Reducing cross contamination using UVC disinfection machines
9. Fighing Superbugs in Hospitals with UVC surface disinfection devices
8. UV Light - Demos and Experiments
7. Spread of Superbugs via contact surfaces
6. UV Cartoon - Effect on us
5. Benefits of UV Light
4. Effect of UV on Bacteria - Time Lapse
3. UV-C Safety Basics
2. UVGA Fundamentals - Penn State
1. What is Ultraviolet light?

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