Ultraviolet UVC Sterilization

UVC sterilization light, 254nm UVC light, 254 nm ultraviolet light and sterilizer machine manufacturers and suppliers in India to entire world for sterilizing 99.99% bacteria, virus, protozoa, moulds and fungi with assured safety. UVMed, manufacturing UVC sterilization system without any chemicals which sterilizare microorganisms to reduce the healthcare infections. We are supplying UVC sterilizer box, trolley and machine with multiple features including safety, reliability and durability. UVC light 254nm wavelength inactivates microorganisms by damaging the DNA so its work in virus, germs, bacteria, moulds, fungi and protozoa.

We are operating from Mumbai, India and offering healthcare UVC machines to all over the world from last 5 years in affordable cost with portable and durable features without the use of harmful chemicals. There are UV-A, UV-B and UV-C but for sterilization, only UV-C 254 nm radiation has sufficient potential to efficiently inactivate or kill microorganisms. We manufacture safe ultraviolet sterilization trolley, chamber, bag and box with timer with according to the client's requirements and suggestions. We manufacture to sterilize 99.99% residential and commercial premises, equipment and devices including mobile, systems, packaging, furniture and surfaces.

Ultraviolet C sterilizing also kill or deactivate coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19) without using chemicals. Sterilization lamp that emit riskless UVC light, are working good against coronavirus in liquid, in air and on solid like surface that's why UVC sterilizer machines are used to kill or deactivate or clean coronavirus.

Features UV-C Sterilizing Machine

  • Chemical free and safety assured
  • Safety ON/OFF switches with plug & play device
  • Efficient against wide range of viruses and germs
  • Durable tough quality steel frame with paint
  • UVC lamps 254nm used to kill up to 99.99% pathogens
  • 5 inches lockable caster wheels
  • Large LCD information display screen
  • Multi-functional remote control
  • PIR (passive infrared sensor) motion sensor
  • Disinfection up to 1000 square fits
  • 360 degree surrounded motion sensors with smart pause
  • Designed to sterilize residential and commercial premises, equipment and devices

UVC Sterilizer